dbAutoTrack, DevTools LLC. is a closely held Company having high annual growth rates while maintaining profitability.

Smart Software Solutions : We specialize in development of technological innovative Smart Software Components and Custom-Built Software Solutions for Microsoft's .NET platform, Java platform and PHP platform. Database design & development for Oracle, Microsoft's SQL Server and MYSQL.

No matter what industry you are in or what application you need, dbAutoTrack, DevTools LLC can provide Smart Software Solutions � specifically designed for your Business requirements and successfully serve the technology needs of customers from diverse industries and locations.

Our Software Components are used by thousands of organizations and software developers in over 60 countries. Our customers include the largest private and public organizations in the world, renowned educational, governmental and non-profit institutions.

Our engineering software had been used for successful construction of major Oil & Gas and Petro-Chemical projects.

Project & Production Management Services :
Business Success = Efficient Planning & Control � We Offers premier Project Management and Production planning & control software solutions & Consulting services to businesses of all types and size.

We develop the most reliable, responsive systems and services to help you succeed in managing and improving the delivery of all your projects, programs, resources & products.

We provide consultation & technology right from setting up your internal project team, implementing project management best practices and software solutions to bring together the disciplines of project management and strategic planning, and provide a framework for effectively managing both the resources and the tactical plans for completing projects.

We develop innovative new products, mission-critical information systems for managing billion-dollar construction programs, Production Planning & Control System for Production Units of any type & size, maximizing the return on investment to the corporation.

Our Team : Our Group Comprises of Consultants and Solution Developers having 12 plus years Multinational experience.

  1. Consultants : Consultants in EPC Project Management, Project Planning & Scheduling, Production Planning & Control, Professional Production & Process Engineers, Quality Management, Material Management, Inventory Management and Finance Management.

  2. Solution Developers : Solution Developers in C++, C, Java, C#.NET, VB.NET, Delphi.NET, PHP, Oracle, MS-SQL Server, MYSQL.